Software for Children

I like to read about new software, and during my reading, I discovered two software for children. The software disables the keyboard and mouse from doing anything damaging to your computer and allows the children to play by pressing keys, moving the mouse, and clicking the mouse. I've tried Maddie, but I haven't tried Baby Smash yet.


Baby Smash

Maddie works well for cleaning the keyboard and mouse, too. Once a week I load up Maddie and wipe down my workstation with disinfecting wipes. I recall reading a study in which the researchers discovered that a multitude of bacteria grow on keyboards, mice, and telephone handles if not cleaned properly often.

If anyone tries out either software, leave some comments here, or go to,, or a similar site and write a (brief) review.


Chris said...

Okay, so Baby Smash is a little odd. The laughter is strange, and the speech is too mechanical. It also doesn't work as consistently as Maddie, nor is it as lightweight as Maddie. I recommend Maddie over Baby Smash, although Baby Smash is more aesthetically pleasing.

Chris said...

I just read about BabySplat, too. Here's the location:

I'll try it out later.

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