Husband and Wife Jokes

We decided that we say funny things to each other, and we want to share them with our readers.
Disclaimer: These jokes may or may not have occurred during normal conversation. Some details may be changed to enhance the joke or to protect the innocent.
Here's the first one:
A husband and pregnant wife just returned from shopping. They picked up a box of microwave popcorn to eat while watching a movie. The wife had opened the box of popcorn in the car, and as the couple were walking from the car to their apartment, the husband noticed this and asked, "Why did you open the box of microwave popcorn?" She responded, "I don't know." The husband, pointing at her pregnant abdomen, inquired further, "Do you have a microwave in there?"
Copyright Kyra and Chris S.


Anonymous said...

That kinda sounds like an actual Chris comment :-P lol

Kyra S. said...

Like it says, names have been changed to protect the guilty

Chris said...

Testing new comment form.

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