Pseudoscience: Not Even Wrong

I was reading some entries in Google Reader today, when I read about the phrase "not even wrong," which is often applied to pseudoscience and theories based on ideas that are known to be wrong or unprovable/untestable. The example I read about today, from Improbable Research, states that the Democrats running for President have ideas about the government that run counter to our "very nature" based on "American" DNA. Right.

It is claimed that the phrase came from a physicist who, upon reviewing another physicist's paper, said, "That's not right. It's not even wrong." Wikipedia claims that the phrase is "mildly derogatory" (as of May 17, 2008). I find the phrase amusing and may apply it in the future.

Okay, now back to wedding preparations. I shouldn't be procrastinating (read that, it's interesting, as always with Robin).


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