Pre-Wedding Appointment

We saw a nurse midwife again for a regular appointment. I totally forgot my sound recorder, and the heartbeat this time was nice and loud! Darn it... Otherwise, the ultrasound scans were just fine, and of course, we're having a boy! We talked about the pain Kyra has been having from the weight of the baby and standing all day. The nurse midwife suggested a maternity support belt, available at Motherhood Maternity. I am so sick of seeing her in pain and struggling to sleep, I am going to get one TOMORROW!

In other news, Kyra's mom, Linda, is here to finish making the dress and to attend the wedding. I invited Carla to come over to join us tonight. We had pizza, we talked about books, and we attempted to watch a movie. Linda and Kyra worked on the dress for a while, until Kyra's belly and feet hurt. Then it was off to bed.

We also purchased a video camera, and we'll be using it at the wedding. During the last week of preparations, we've been recording snippets of what we've been doing. I don't think we will have time to edit it before the reception, but eventually I'll get some clips up and post it on YouTube or Google Video. Oh yeah, we used our economic stimulus check to purchase it! We're being patriotic!

That's it for tonight. I have to go edit two pieces of music for the reception and finish laundry. Yea...


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