A Long Week

It's been a long week. Last Friday, we had a UWMBDA dance after work. Saturday I woke up not feeling so well, and it just got worse and worse. I had food poisoning or some other virus, and I was terribly sick all day. Kyra and I were supposed to go help our friend Carla get to the hospital and settle in. Kyra went without me, as I couldn't really move from my bed.

We were also supposed to go to a movie with some friends from the dance community. No luck with that either. Kyra rushed home after helping Carla with her things and then waiting for hours while the hospital staff must have been sitting on their hands.

She got me some "flu" medicine that helped with the aches and pains. (It was simply liquid acetaminophen for the muscle pain, an anit-histamine to induce sleepiness, and a decongestant.) I actually couldn't believe how well it worked. I had tried some other medicine to no avail. Eventually I was stable enough to sleep and recover.

Sunday, we went to Blanchardville so Kyra could attend the bridal shower my mom organized (thanks mom!). I slept in my parents' basement. The party went well, and we are going to get so much stuff, we won't know what to do with it! (Thanks everyone!) I'll tell Kyra to write about the party since she actually went to it.

Monday I was still feeling crappy, so I stayed home from work. That night we went to our dance team's end-of-semester party. I don't think either of us realized that we will probably not be going back to the studio much now. We decided not to continue our membership this summer, but we'll probably visit class and/or practice and hang out with the team a lot anyway, if anyone's around.

Tuesday we went and applied for our wedding license. It was rather easy. Some of the questions were kind of odd, but I was still out of it from being sick, so I don't remember what they were. Something about swearing to never be a communist or something (just kidding). We should be able to pick up our license next Monday. After that we went to eat outside by the capitol.

Wednesday I had the annual performance review at my company. It consisted of the usual corporate questions. I still have my job, and I didn't even really get any feedback about my performance. Oh well. My boss is great, and I'm sure he'd say something if I were doing a terrible job.

So yeah, long week. Next week: the baby's gender!


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