Week Seventeen: Getting My Kicks

This week the baby is 3.5 oz, about the size of a hand spread open. I realized its been a while since I posted a picture of what the baby "looks like" (mainly because the week to week changes weren't very dramatic or interesting) but I thought I would so this week. See below:

[image link broken]

The baby has doubled in weight over the past two weeks, and is looking more and more human and less alienish as time goes on, mainly related to the fat it's beginning to accumulate.

This week as I was laying in bed one night, I felt a little poke in my lower abdomen. I had been anxiously awaiting the baby's first kick, so at first I thought I might be imagining things. But the poke came again, a few seconds later, and in the very same place. Since then I have felt the baby kick while reading to my kids and while singing to Evanescence (apparently our baby will be a hard rocker). I don't feel it every day, and its not very frequent or prolonged, all of which is normal at this early stage.

All goes well with me at this point. My hips are doing much better, energy is up, and other than the occasional "the baby is squishing my intestines" feeling, I am pretty comfortable. I have gained about ten pounds since the beginning of the pregnancy, which is on track with where I should be (I think).

P.S. Walking around with an extra 10lbs is hard!


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