I once had a psychology professor at UW-Whitewater, Dr. Paula Poorman (who was unfortunately killed in a car accident by a drug addict) who told students, on the first day of class in Abnormal Psychology, to "go out and do something abnormal." "You have fifteen minutes."

I went out, found a classroom, built up courage for about 10 minutes, burst into the classroom, and said, "Welcome to Whitewater! Have a great semester!" The professor muttered, "can I help you?" before I said anything. After I addressed the audience, I promptly turned around and left. The professor was dumbfounded, and the class laughed. One guy said, "You too!"

Another person ran around with his shirt off, in his hand, waving it around and yelling. Someone else stood in front of doors to a building and, when asked why, said, "no reason." A few people followed strangers around. One stranger stopped and asked, "would you like to walk with me?" Another stranger was completely freaked out. I think another person randomly shouted at random strangers as he walked through the center of campus. Fun!

Assignment: In honor of Dr. Poorman, do something that may be considered abnormal. Be safe and respectful. Do it again or figure out something else. Have fun! Push your limits, but safely and respectfully. You have the rest of your life to complete this project.


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