Poll: Should we discover the sex of our baby?

I opened a poll a couple of weeks ago asking readers whether we should discover the sex of the baby, and now the results are in!

Nine readers (53%) said that we should discover the sex of the baby. Seven readers (41%) said that we should not. Only 1 reader (6%) said "Maybe; It's up to you." (I voted "Maybe" in order to test the poll, so my vote doesn't count. Ignore the percentages on the graph.)

Now, we don't know if the insurance will cover the procedure to discover the sex of the baby. If it does, I think we may choose to discover the sex. However, we may not tell everyone. I think some people may really want to be surprised, so I may not announce it on the website, and I may only tell, in private, people who ask. That way, if someone really wants to be surprised, they can be. Of course, this may be difficult to keep a secret, so who knows? maybe it won't work.

Tomorrow, Kyra has another appointment. I'm not sure if we'll be doing the test then or later. Either way, I think we'll be listening to the heartbeat again, so I'll upload another clip when I get a chance. If we do complete the test, I'll tell anyone who wants to know after our ballroom showcase on Saturday. : )

At any rate, readers: your voices have been heard. And possibly ignored. : )


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