A Full Weekend

We had quite a weekend. Friday, we had an appointment with the midwife and heard another heartbeat sample. (See previous entry for the sound file.) That night, we attended a showcase for the DanceSport dance team. Saturday, we attended a birthday party for a set of twins on Kyra's side. Then we prepared for our showcase. We danced for hours, and our showcase went very well. My parents, sister, grandma, and two of my parents' friends showed up to support us.

We prepared to head home, but Kyra's car wouldn't start. Apparently the battery died. This upset Kyra, mostly because she felt like she didn't have anyone to rely on. Her dad was out of town for a tango dance in Chicago, her mom lives in Minneapolis and was taking care of Kyra's sister's daughter, her best friend was missing in action, and the rest of her family just didn't show up. It was disappointing for her and she felt rather alone. When the car wouldn't start, it was the last straw. No one from her side of life was there for her for the dance, and no one was there for her during an emergency.

Fortunately, we were leading another car to Pedro's, where the team was going to have food after the showcase. Two of our teammates were in the car, and they helped us out. One of them, Ming, tried to help us start the car and called AAA to help us tow it. Eventually, while we were waiting for AAA, we decided to go get my car to try to jump Kyra's. Kyra and the other teammate, Anna, headed to Pedro's for last minute food. I drove back with my car to attempt a jump, and we got it going. The car battery was charged just enough to get it to our apartment and leave it.

If either of those teammates are reading this (Ming and Anna), thank you so much for helping us. It meant a lot to us and we really appreciate your help.

Once Kyra got home, we realized she forgot a bag of stuff at Pedro's. I went to get it. Once I got home, we talked for a while, and she was still upset about what happened. She felt abandoned. Eventually, Kyra went to bed after an emotional evening. She was rather hard on herself about the performance, too, although we did a lot better than she thought. She was also not as alone as she thought. She had plenty of dance friends around, and I'm sure someone in her extended family would have helped, if she could wake them up. And of course I was there, too. She didn't know what to do about the car and was rather overwhelmed. But what upset her the most, I think, was the fact that neither of her parents were there that night or available to help.

By the time we were done talking, I was wide awake. It was about 2 or 3 in the morning. (I had finally dropped of Ming at about 1:30 am.) I stayed up and played a game for a little while, then headed to bed. The next day, I did some searches, made some phone calls, and figured out what to do with the car. I jumped it again and we drove it to a place to get it tested. They charged the battery for us and couldn't find a problem. I hope that was the last of it, but it probably wasn't. We'll see what happens.

Once that was solved, we went to a park and walked around. After Saturday, Kyra really wanted to have a good day and to do something relaxing. After trying to fly a kite unsuccessfully (there wasn't enough wind, although we made plenty of jokes about it: "couldn't get it up..."), we went to the zoo. There weren't many animals out, but it was so nice outside, and it was so pleasant to spend time with Kyra. We went to Party City to look at decorations for the wedding after that, then found out my car didn't want to start either! I think I jumped Kyra's car too many times, and it drained my battery. We drove around for 30 minutes to charge it, then headed home for pizza. After pizza, we went to see our friend Carla and watched a movie with her. It was a lot of fun, and I laughed a lot. (Thanks Carla!)

Late Sunday night/Monday morning, Kyra got sick. I don't know why, perhaps it's the flu again or something she ate. We both took off work to deal with it. Kyra forgot her purse at Carla's, along with the emergency number we needed to call the midwife. So we had to look up the number online. Once she was more stable, we went back to sleep and slept in. I ran a bunch of errands, including picking up her purse, and came back home to do some work.

What a weekend.


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