Late Breaking News

It's been a while since either of us have posted, especially Kyra. She's been busy with her new job, and hasn’t had as much access to computers as before. (I think she hasn’t even checked her email in the last couple of days…) When she gets home at night, we usually have dinner and then we go off to dance practice or we do something to prepare for the wedding. Our weekends have been packed lately, too, and it looks like they will continue to be packed. Last weekend, Kyra’s mom visited from the Twin Cities, and she brought the wedding dress to work on. We also finished and sent invitations to the wedding.

Kyra was sick last week with a cold, and I caught it this week. Her morning sickness is gone now, but her hips have been hurting more. It’s been difficult to sleep lately, with coughing, chest pain, and hip pain, for one or both of us. We finally figured out she can take guaifenesin, a cough suppressant/expectorant, and that seemed to help last night. I’ve been taking something like NyQuil used to be, made by Walgreens, including the ever-so-effective pseudoephedrine, which is no longer in NyQuil because of the rise of meth production with pseudoephedrine. Actually, I probably wont’ be able to find this mix once I’m out, which is really unfortunate. It works really well on my colds.

Last Friday, Kyra and I both had the day off. We went to brunch with Kyra’s mom, and headed to Target to scan some stuff for the wedding registry. It was fun walking around zapping things, although we were all easily distracted by this or that. Kyra and Linda were distracted by baby things, like this beautiful crib that converts into a toddlers bed and then a normal bed. I reminded them that baby things would have to wait for a baby shower. I was distracted by TVs. (It would be nice to have a new one with something other than a cable attachment so I can connect my DVD player, VCR, and games to it directly… although the picture is nice on the one I have.) Later that day, Kyra had an appointment with a nurse from the nurse midwife group.

At the appointment, we talked about sleep problems, chest pain, and what to take for a cold. The most exciting part, however, was hearing the baby’s heartbeat! Yes, there was only ONE heartbeat. Kyra’s family thinks we’re having twins because all of the pregnant or recently pregnant women had or are having twins. They teased us that the heartbeats were probably synchronized. At any rate, I recorded the heartbeat, and I’ll try to post it on here when I get a chance.

On Sunday we both had Easter meals with our families. First, my maternal family met outside of Hollandale, WI, (near Blanchardville, my hometown) for dinner at my grandparents’ house. I announced that Kyra is pregnant, to the applause of my family. They were happy because, as the firstborn grandson on this side of the family, I will be having the firstborn great-grandchild. There were a number of other announcements, too, including the sale of a house, an 18th birthday, and the loss of a driver’s license. Kyra slept for some time at the party. She was very tired, and had slept for 2-3 hours each day Friday through Sunday. After that, we were off to her family’s party in the afternoon. Other than eating and gabbing, not much happened there. We did hear that one of her cousin’s pregnancies was not going too well--they found a nodule on both of the twins’ brains, which may indicate trisomy 18, a usually fatal genetic disorder. They did some tests and will found out later if that’s what it is. Before we left, we had a picture taken with one of the sets of twins. Her uncle said, "I want to see what it will look like when you two have twins." There can be only one, John!

Latest wedding plan news: We finally found an officiant to conduct the wedding ceremony. His name is Peter Flessas, and we heard about him through some of Kyra’s relatives, who had him as an officiant at their wedding. From what I’m told, he’s a doctor (although he might be a lawyer, according to my searches), and he gives a great speech.


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